Tribute to my mentor and friend

I would not be stepping out into the world as an artist if it were not for my dear friend and mentor Vjekoslav Nemesh.  Sometimes something moves you so deeply, it can only be described as the stirrings of your soul whispering your destiny to you.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was this that I felt when I first saw Nemesh’s art 18 years ago.  I could never have imagined what my soul was drawing me towards way back then.

Although I lost touch with Nemesh after that first encounter, I never forgot his artwork, or his technique.  More than 11 years later, when I was going through a huge life transition, I fell to my knees and began to paint as a way to reconnect with myself, and the depths of my spiritual and emotional world. With paint, canvas and a palette knife, I tried to paint the way I remembered him painting, but in a far more rudimentary way! Though my paintings didn’t look much like his, the process was deeply healing.

It was no less than 15 years after I first encountered Nemesh and his work, that I happened to visit an art show where he was exhibiting.  I recognized his work printed on the programme immediately and searched the show until I found him.  To my great surprise, he remembered me and I spent the rest of the evening enamored by his work and watching him demo his process.  As grace would have it, he was holding art classes in my area and I immediately signed up.  What I gained that night was both a mentor and a dear friend.  He taught me his technique, and I have paired it with my spiritual process to create the paintings I share now on this website. I will be forever indebted to his generosity of Spirit in mentoring me so well.

Have a look at Nemesh’s work


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