Tiffany Nightingale is a mother of five living beside a sacred mountain in New Zealand.  Seven years ago, when she was going through a major life transition, she gave into the urge to fall on her knees and paint.  What occurred was sacred, emotion rich, and profoundly healing.

This moment marked the beginning of a journey with meditation and paint that continues to enrich her life, and now also the lives of others who are drawn to her work.  As a spirit painter, Tiffany sees her work as a meditation with paint, and a communion with Spirit. Infused with healing energy, Soul speaks through color, vibrancy and movement.

She is never sure what will be created when she begins, and enjoys ‘reading’ the images that come through.  There is a sacred presence in many of her works, and Tiffany feels profoundly blessed to now begin to share her gift with the world.

“If any woman unleashes her creativity, her world will split open. She’ll find unprecedented ways of solving problems, bridging gaps, and expressing her soul, and her corner of the world will be irrevocably changed.” – Martha Beck