Receiving the Medicine – Fine Art Print


The title of the piece is Receiving the Medicine.  It is a gallery quality print on cotton paper which is signed and numbered.  Size is 9 X 12 inches.

This is a special piece with a special story.  When I was at a retreat at the Omega Institute in Upstate New York, I met a Shamanic sound healer named Rich Goodheart.  There was a buzz among retreat participants about the meditations people were entering into as they listened to his music.  We bumped in to each other at the bookstore where his music was being sold.  As I told him about my art, we both became curious what I might paint if I listened to his music.  I took a selection of his CD’s back to New Zealand with me and this painting is the result.  When I sent him a photo of the painting, I was amazed that he knew exactly which CD I had listened to while I painted it!  The painting is named after that CD.



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