Three Guardians – Fine Art Print


The title of the piece is Three Guardians.  It is a gallery quality print on cotton paper which is signed and numbered.  Size is 12 X 12 inches.

This painting is very dear to my heart.  It came as the answer to a prayer.  I have been invited and encouraged a lot to begin to accept commissions.  I said to Spirit if this is to be so, let the next painting I create be found by its owner.  I was seeking confirmation of this path. I took great joy in creating this piece, and felt a very special and sacred presence as I worked.  I put a picture of it up on my Facebook page when it was completed, and within hours it had reached the person it was meant for.  I not only had my answer, but I also had the experience of the Divine joining me as I worked.

It wasn’t until 24 hours after I painted it that I noticed a very clear face at the top of the painting.  It is of a bearded man in a hood, and looked so like a painting of Christ that I have had on my wall for many years.  I was truly humbled to finally notice the image of the presence I felt so clearly as I painted.



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